Settlement in Automobile Injury Cases


You have been in an automobile accident. You may have had an Everett injury, and needed  Car Accident Lawyers Everett, he even was hospitalized. In a few days or a couple of weeks, the other party’s insurance company comes up to you and offers to settle. Is this the best way to go?

Maybe yes, maybe no. If your damages were light, your doctor says you are not injured, and you have an accurate estimate of your cars repair costs then you may have enough information to settle your claim. You need to know that the insurance company is representing their best interest, but the facts may be clear. However, if things are not clear especially with regard to your injuries, then you are missing a big piece of the required information to fairly settle the claim 620 credit score auto loan

When you are in an accident if at all possible, you should keep written notes of what is happening. How do you feel, what are the damages, when did you see what doctor and what did the doctor say or do for you?  It may take weeks or months before an accurate prognosis of your situation can be made. The settlement is not possible before you know what your future medical situation will be.

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Also, you need to keep accurate records of the costs involved. The repair cost to your vehicle. Did you suffer any loss of work?  What have medical expenses there been?  Even if everything has been covered by your PIP insurance, you should still retain those records of bills so that you have an accurate description of what the accident has actually cost you.

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